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Laser Treatment For Kidney Stones

Date :28-Jul-2016

Kidney is one of the important organ in our body which filter waste from the body and also creates urine. In some cases, salts in urine stick together in forming small kidney stones. Dehydration is the main cause for the kidney stones. These stones are really painful. Flexible Ureteroscopy and Laser Lithotripsy is the laser treatment available for Kidney Stones. This procedure is used for removing kidney stones. Get the best Laser Treatment for Kidney Stones by stepping into Uro-Andrology Clinic in Chennai. Kidney Stones are the small and hard crystalline

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Kidney and Ureteral Stones

Date :23-Mar-2021

Kidney stones are formed when excess concentrations of minerals and salts in the urine forms solid crystals in the kidneys. Ureters are the narrow tubes that help to carry urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder. If large kidney stones have moved to the ureters, it can block the flow of urine and cause severe pain. Treatment for kidney and ureteral stones are required if the stone causes pain, discomfort and does not pass with urine naturally. Some of the commonly seen symptoms of this condition are: Pain that changes intensity in the back and sides just below the ribs Pain in the

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