I was suffering from urethral pain, discomfort in passing urine and urinary frequency for many years . I have seen many urologists and had many scan . Many courses of drugs and antibiotics did not give relief. Finally I consulted DR N Anandan who made the correct diagnosis of URETHRAL STRICTURE after a simple xray called Ascending urethrogram. He treated me with endoscopic widening of narrow urethral passage without any cut..


Diabetic with Hypertension

I am a diabetic with hypertension.
I had great difficulty in passing urine with large swelling of the penis.

DR Anandan examined me and he diagnosed periurethral abscess which a complication of narrowing of the urethra with obstruction to urine flow and abscess formation . He treated with drainage of abscess and placed a catheter in the lower part of the stomach to drain urine from the bladder by a very small incision.

Subsequently xrays revealed my urethra was damaged, narrowed very badly by urethral stricture.

I underwent two stage urethral reconstruction.
Now I am passing urine well without any tube and with good flow.

I never had such good flow for long time.

Thanks to DR N Anandan for his wonderful surgery and great care

Authored by Dr N Anandan