It is a common condition among young males.

The penis is normal during flaccid stage.

But during erection the penis shows curvature mostly on the ventral side less often on the dorsal side.

The curvature is variable in severity

It has been present for many years since adolescence

There is no plaque on examination

What Causes the condition?

  • There are two cylinders called corpora cavernosa of phallus that expands during erection. In this condition in one of the corpora is longer than the other leading to curvature
  • Trauma or injury that results in localized bleeding inside the penis
  • Genetic factors


  • Penile curvature during erection
  • Severe degree of curvature can cause diificulty in sexual intercourse
  • Cosmetically disturbing


For mild curvature: No treatment is required

For severe degree of curvature : Plication surgery is advised 

Plication surgery is indicated

Penile Plication Surgery normally involves performing a tuck procedure on the region opposite to the plaque. This helps to shorten the long side of the penis. Some of the main benefits of this procedure include its simplicity, preservation of preoperative erection ability, and a high degree of patient satisfaction. The disadvantages basically include loss of penile length. Patients who are regarded as ideal candidates for this procedure include those who have sufficient penile length and a simple curvature without any related abnormalities.

Authored by Dr N Anandan