Penile cancer

Date :24-Oct-2019

Penile cancer begins on the skin cells of the penis and might work its way inside. Effective treatment can be provided if the cancer is diagnosed in its early stages. Treatment will be a challenge if cancer turns to be in advanced or later stages. penile-cancer-treatment-in-chennai


There are a few reasons that might cause penile cancer, such as: 

  • Body fluids getting trapped in the foreskin and uncleaned - tumors can occur when the body fluids get trapped in the foreskin. If these fluids aren’t cleaned or washed daily, it might have cancer-causing effects.
  • Smoking - chances are high for smokers compared to men who don’t smoke. Depending on the dosage of cigarettes, the risk varies for each person. Cigarettes or tobacco products have cancer-causing chemicals.
  • Not circumcised can be a rare cause - circumcision is the removal of part or all of the foreskin. Uncircumcised men will find it difficult to draw back the foreskin. Thus, it might create smegma, which develops into penile cancer.
  • Low immunity in older men - men aged above 50 are more prone to penile cancer as they might have a weak immune system, plus the risk grows up with age.
  • AIDS - men who have AIDS will be at higher risk as they would have a weak immune system. Hence, they will be unable to fight cancer at its early stages.
  • HPV (human papillomavirus) - this infection is transmitted from one person to the other during intercourse. Skin to skin contact is enough for HPV to get transmitted to the other person. Uncircumcised men are more prone to HPV.

Warning signs

  • Changes in thickness
  • Changes in the color of skin
  • Bluish-brown growth on the penis
  • A lump on the penis
  • A sore on the penis that might be bleeding
  • Swelling at the end of the penis
  • A smelly discharge under the foreskin

Medical care

If penile cancer is found in the early stages, doctors prescribe an ointment or cream, which could help treat the issue. Few surgeries could treat penile cancer, such as cryosurgery or cryotherapy, Mohs surgery, lasers, and circumcision. During advanced stages of penile cancer, the doctor would recommend penectomy or surgery.

Early detection is important as there are more options to treat penile cancer and ensure better results. Most treatments at the early stage will not affect the ability to have sex, but radiation or chemotherapy might cause issues. It is recommended to inquire about the possible side effects of the treatments.


Penile cancer is often ignored until it gets worse. Men who maintain good hygiene and who are circumcised are less likely to get penile cancer.

Blog Reviewed By: Dr N Anandan
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