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Kidney Stone Laser Treatment chennai

Kidney Stone Laser Treatment

Stone disease is one of the most prevalent urological disorders. Stones are more prevalent in men than in women. It is often seen between 20-49 years of age, though it can occur in children and old age. 

Urinary Bladder Cancer Treatment Chennai

Urinary Bladder Cancer

The bladder is a balloon-shaped organ in the pelvis area whose main function is to store urine.. 

Urinary Incontinence Treatment Chennai

Stress urinary leak

Urinary incontinence could be defined as the inability to control the passage of urine from your bladder. Urinary incontinence is a common problem in men and women. 

Penile Implant Surgery chennai

Erectile dysfunction

Penile implants refer to devices that are placed within the penis to enable men with erectile dysfunction (ED) to attain an erection..


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Best Kidney Stone Treatment in Chennai

  The formation of Kidney Stones is due to various metabolic disorders, and decreased urine volume or increased urinary excretion of certain chemicals that make it difficult for urine salts dissolve sufficiently. The decrease in solubility may be due to alteration of urinary acidity: acidic urine predisposes the formation of uric acid , while an […]

Laser Treatment For Kidney Stones

Kidney is one of the important organ in our body which filter waste from the body and also creates urine. In some cases, salts in urine stick together in forming small kidney stones. Dehydration is the main cause for the kidney stones. These stones are really painful. Flexible Ureteroscopy and Laser Lithotripsy is the laser […]

Remove Kidney Stone With Advanced Laser Technology

Kidney stones are the hard, crystalline mineral materials that are formed in the kidney or urinary tract. When urine has the excess of stone-forming substances or making a little amount of urine, kidney stones are formed. What are the causes of developing kidney stones? The causes of developing kidney stones are · Consuming less water/fluid […]

Remove Kidney Stone With Endoscopic Kidney Surgery , No More Suffering From Pain

Are you really worried about your kidney stones? Do you Stress a lot? A lot of treatments taken? Scared of painful surgeries? Not like common surgeries, endoscopic kidney surgery is minimally invasive and that need a low recovery time. Kidneys function as filters for the body by removing wastes and excess fluids from the body. […]

Endoscopic Treatment

Endoscopy is a non-surgical procedure and is performed to probe into the digestive tract of a person. This technique uses a special instrument, called an endoscope. It is a flexible with a source of light and a camera. As the endoscope is inserted into the digestive tract, the internal organs can be observed on a […]

Urinary stones

Renal Stone Treatment Mostly, kidney stones will be so small in size that they can be passed out in the urine. However, if you are experiencing severe pain, your might be administered painkillers. The general physician might prescribe painkillers, anti-emetics or both, which you can take at home. Treating large kidney stones If a kidney […]

Urinary Stone

Stone disease is one of the most prevalent urological disorders. Stones are more prevalent in men than in women. It is often seen between 20-49 years of age, though it can occur in children and old age. It can also occur among family members. As per the recent estimates, more than a million kidney stone […]

Get the Best Prostate Laser Surgery in Chennai

Why choose Laser Prostate Surgery?      Prostate laser surgery largely treats BPH without making any cuts outside of your body. Instead, your doctor will insert a fiber-optic scope through the tip of the penis and into your urethra. Then your doctor will remove prostate tissue that’s blocking urine flow. How does laser prostate surgery […]

Does Urinal Problems Troubles You ?

Non-malignant enlargement of the prostate gland is termed as Prostate Enlargement. In scientific terms, prostate enlargement is represented as BPH which is abbreviated as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). It is a condition involving enlargement of the prostate gland which is commonly seen in men aged above 60 years. Prostate enlargement will compress the urethra obstructing […]